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We’re building a Digital Alliance

of pioneering brands, advertisers, research institutions and companies that are committed to empowering consumers with control + transparency over their digital world. ​

How it works

We are putting consumers in control of their digital identity.

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Users build robust profiles

Users build a complete profile by connecting multiple data sources and declaring their likes and preferences.

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Browse and shop as usual

Customers receive tailored promotions and cashback offers based on the data they’ve opted to share.​

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Users redeem rewards

Customers earn rewards for participating in the ecosystem. Users earn reward points for every purchase they make with a smart offer, which are redeemable for gift cards.


Drive Sales to your Brand, using only Ethically sourced customer​ data

Engineered from the ground-up to be GDPR/CCPA compliant, consumers’ right to privacy and data protection are at the core of our platform.

Work smarter, not harder

Precision targeting

Precision targeting

Conversion paired with deep insight lets brands provide customers with bespoke promotions at the moment they’re ready to buy.​

Lead Generation

Lead generation

Build brand awareness with engagement advertising that cuts through the noise and captures consumer attention with personalized marketing initiatives.​

Pay for conversion

Pay for conversion

It’s free to join for brands to join the Marx Marketplace. You only pay when a Marx user makes a purchase from your brand.

Featured brands on Marx:

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